Our Products

Our pine straw is baled daily, by hand, to insure you get nature's finest pine straw. The cleanliness and consistent color of our pine straw is something we take pride in offering to our customers. According to research, pine straw is the most effective organic mulch to control weed growth and it helps prevent soil erosion while beautifying landscaping. Our bale size is 13 x 14 x 27 inches long which covers approximately 45 square feet at 2 inch depth. All around eco-friendly.

A variety of other mulches are also available including:
  • >  Pine Bark in 2 or 3 cubic feet bags or bulk-100 cubic yards
  • >  Red Hardwoods in 2 or 3 cubic feet bags or bulk-100 cubic yards
  • >  Cypress Mulch in bulk only 100 cubic yards

Benefits of Pinestraw Mulch

  • Helps prevent loss of topsoil from wind and water erosion.
  • Improves soil fertility.
  • Inhibits certain plant diseases.
  • Improves soil aeration, structure, and drainage over time.
  • Reduces water usage by maintaining soil moisture.